Beware of voice activated security systems

On Fri at 07:15am beiroot77 wrote:
While voice-activated security systems offer convenience, it's essential to be cautious. They may inadvertently respond to similar-sounding commands or even unauthorized voices, compromising security. Always assess the reliability and robustness of such systems, considering potential vulnerabilities and implementing additional layers of protection to safeguard your property effectively.

Missing post

On Mon at 08:30am Bobbyg wrote:
Is anyone else not getting much post at the moment? We haven't had any for about 10 days. Seems like this is a national picture with towns and cities up and down the country experiencing similar but just wondering how widespread it is in Lewes generally...
On Mon at 01:54pm Nevillman wrote:
Private eye was meant to arrive on a Wednesday came the following Tuesday.
On Tue at 09:59am Tom Pain wrote:
Online purchase ordered over a week ago: first class, next day delivery- still hasn't arrived.

The state of the river

On Fri at 12:07pm Dave wrote:
Lewes faces a criticaltime with the deteriorating condition of the River Ouse. 36 upstream sewage outfalls, neglect, and insufficient conservation efforts are endagering its ecosystem. Urgent action is needed now.

We must unite as a community, demanding comprehensive measures to rehabilitate and protect this vital waterway. We need stricter regulations on industrial waste disposal, implementing effective cleanup initiatives and fostering public awareness are crucial steps.

We need to pressure authorities and Southern Water into prioritizing the restoration of the Ouse to can reclaim its beauty and ecological integrity, ensuring a healthier, vibrant future for Lewes and our kids.
On Sun at 03:55pm SHS-2 wrote:
A healthier, vibrant future for Lewes and our children needs industry. Manufacturing. Building. Generating. Local jobs. One day we may not be able to rely on other countries to satisfy the needs of our unproductive population and giant museum.
On Tue at 09:53am Tom Pain wrote:
Shs2, see Agenda 21/2030 which the council is signed up to.
On Tue at 02:35pm SHS-2 wrote:
Expensive words.
On Wed at 04:20pm Tom Pain wrote:
To get back to Dave's point. I'm sure the executives and shareholders of Southern Water will do something in the next ten or so years. They're pumping sewage into village ponds in west Sussex and will try to fix it by 2030! Or maybe not.
On Thu at 03:43pm Green Sleeves wrote:
The many benefits of privatisation of utility companies. Hope they put up the prices more to ensure the clean up is done properly AND the shareholders get a nice bonus. These solutions can only be found with the promise of financial profit, of course.
On Thu at 08:48pm Tom Pain wrote:
Now they are expendive words.
On Fri at 08:45pm janet street preacher wrote:
Is it any more than an open sewer?
I'm amazed cholera isn't rife in Lewes with the amount of excrement our authorities allow to flow through the middle of our town
On Sun at 06:03pm Nevillman wrote:
Things wrong improve until shareholders get hit in the pocket and the responsible people are properly punished.

Oi Lewes residents!

On Thu at 09:08am janet street preacher wrote:
Let's talk about something that's been buzzing around our town lately - the ever-growing debate on the impact of tourism in Lewes. Now, before you roll your eyes or scroll past, hear me out. This is more than just your average "DFL vs. locals" discussion. We' need to ask some tough questions.

Yes, we all love the picturesque charm of our town. The cobbled streets, the historic landmarks, bonfire - they're what make Lewes so special. But have we reached a tipping point? Are we sacrificing our identity and quality of life for the sake of tourism?

Let's talk about the overcrowded streets during peak tourist seasons. The constant stream of coaches clogging up our roads, making it a nightmare for locals just to run errands or commute to work. And don't get me started on the strain it puts on our infrastructure - from parking shortages to potholes and with the Phoenix development its going to get much worse.

But it's not just about inconvenience. It's about preserving the soul of Lewes. Are we at risk of becoming a caricature of ourselves, catering solely to the demands of outsiders? Are we losing sight of what made this town so special in the first place - its authenticity, its sense of community?

Now, I know what some of you might be thinking. Tourism brings money, supports local businesses, and keeps our economy afloat. And yes, that's true to an extent. But at what cost? Are we willing to sacrifice our peace and quiet, our sense of belonging, for the sake of a few extra quid?

I'm not saying we should close our doors to visitors altogether. but perhaps it's time to rethink our approach to tourism. To find a balance that benefits both visitors and residents alike. Whether it's implementing stricter regulations on tour groups, investing in better infrastructure, or promoting alternative attractions to ease the burden on our town center.

If we don't address these issues now, we risk losing the very essence of what makes our town so special. And that's a price none of us can afford to pay.
On Thu at 06:53pm Nevillman wrote:
I can't say I've noticed 'overcrowded streets', 'constant stream of coaches' or feel that the we are 'at risk of becoming a caricature of ourselves' (well I don't think I am). There's a few tourists about but I'm happy to welcome them here and hope they enjoy the town while spending a few bob. I certainly wouldn't remotely blame tourists for the potholes.
Increased tourism worldwide is mainly due to increased prosperity with people spending some of it on increased leisure activities like visiting other places. I expect to be at least tolerated if not welcomed when I visit other places and feel obliged to feel the same about tourists coming here.
I'm all in favour of coach parks and any infrastructure improvements that make Lewes more enjoyable for tourists and locals. You sound like your in favour of restricting numbers of tourists. I'm instinctively against that but how do you propose it could be done?
On Thu at 08:34pm janet street preacher wrote:
To reduce tourist numbers in Lewes, the council could implement measures such as limiting advertising campaigns, promoting alternative destinations nearby, increasing accommodation costs through taxes or fees, implementing visitor quotas, regulating tour bus access, diversifying attractions to appeal to a niche market, and improving infrastructure in neighboring towns to disperse tourist traffic. Additionally, community engagement programs could educate locals about the impacts of overtourism, encouraging them to promote responsible tourism practices and preserve the town's cultural and environmental integrity. Collaboration with relevant tourist boards and implementing seasonal restrictions could also help manage visitor numbers sustainably.
On Fri at 08:55am Bananus Hippledick wrote:
Why would you want to restrict the potential income to Lewes businesses? Would the local museums survive without tourism? A survey in 2018 showed in the Lewes district area tourism is worth 221 million to local businesses and the economy. Food and drink spend was 70 million. Nearly 4000 jobs rely on tourism. Would that pay for improvements on local infrastructure?
On Fri at 10:29am Nevillman wrote:
Isn't it also about just being pleasant and welcoming to visitors to our town as I would expect others to be pleasant and welcoming to me if I visit theirs? Quotas, taxes and fees would not achieve this.
On Sun at 03:48pm SHS-2 wrote:
I agree with JSP. We should promote Earwig Corner, and perhaps Beddingham, as alternative destinations nearby.
Those Lewesians running hotels, b&b or Airb&b should increase their accommodation prices and restrict how many people they take (perhaps a maximum of 2 people per week?). Tour buses could be restricted to the A27. More infrastructure in neighboring towns need not be expensive, even some extra parking restrictions and removal of public toilets should help. Currently Lewes traders just don't have the floorspace or staff to cope with the huge number of shoppers so something has to be done. Perhaps we should remove the bus station and cancel some trains?
On Wed at 04:29pm Tom Pain wrote:
The 15 minute neighbourhoods will sort it all out.