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Wu style Tai chi

The first half of this class is about getting into "the zone." This is done by practicing simple repetitive movements that engender relaxation, integrated coordination and mindfulness.

From there we start learning the movements of the Tai chi form. This is the basis for recovering and maintaining good health.

Once a certain level has been reached we start to explore the martial meaning behind the movements through "pushing hands" or partner work.

Wether you are interested in learning Tai chi for its numerous health benefits or are curious about it as a martial art I can help you.

I am a 6th Generation Disciple of the Wu family from Shanghai and have been practicing Tai chi for 20 years and Acupuncture for 10.

Come down and see what its all about!

Jeremy Marshall

Christs Church Hall @ 6:15pm
18:15 - 19:45
10 per class, payable monthly

Prince Edwards Road
Lewes BN7 1BL 01273 488237 w: christ-church-lewes.org

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